”I have been working with Speed Pursuit for many years. It has helped me in all aspects of off-ice training. I have gained size and strength, which helped me throughout my years of junior hockey and my four year career at Penn State University. I am heading into my first year of professional hockey and wouldn’t be able to say that if it wasn’t for Coach Inc. and Speed Pursuit. ”

– Kenny Brooks, NCAA Division I – Penn State University Hockey

”Speed Pursuit really helped me with my footwork. My speed and agility increased dramatically and I am able to get around the octagon with ease. Coach Incollingo really knows how to form a warrior.”

-‘Filthy’ Phil Dace, MMA Competitor

3”Speed Pursuit is an elite level training facility that prepares athletes for optimal performance. Coach Incollingo will create specific programs designed to each athlete for their bodies to reach to peack of their possibilities. I have learned a lot about critical footwork, unorthodox strength training, and mental toughness through the Speed Pursuit system. If you are a high level athlete and are not utilizing this resource, know that someone else is doing more. Take your game to the next level and train your asses off. Speed Pursuit will elevate all aspects of your craft.”

– Josh Dziewa – Director of Wrestling Operations, University of Pennsylvania

4‘I have been with Speed Pursuit for over a year and in that year I have continually grown stronger. My bench, squat, power clean, and overall muscle endurance has increased tremendously. As an offensive lineman, footwork and foot speed while playing football is imperative, and with ladder drills and other kinds of footwork drills on Speed Pursuit’s turf, the ultimate footwork coordination can be achieved. Unlike going to a local name brand gym, Speed Pursuit’s gym is personal and works with you, hands on to get you where you expect yourself to be. Under Speed Pursuit, I have received honorable awards such as All-League, All Conference, All-Star Selection, and Maxwell Football Club’s 2016 Mini-Max award recipient, awarded to 61 Pennsylvania football players. I am also committed and will play for Penn State football starting in the Fall of 2016. Speed Pursuit has helped me reach my full potential and keep reaching for more.’

– Hunter Kelly, NCAA Division I Football – Penn State University

5”Parents and coaches often ask me what I do with my son’s ages 14 and 12 to help make them such good athletes, I tell them about Speed Pursuit. My sons have trained at Speed Pursuit for 3 years and are very talented athletes. My 14-year-old son had major reconstructive foot surgery bilaterally in December 2014 and May 2015. Once he was cleared to return to work out we returned to Speed Pursuit. Anthony Incollingo took the time to work with my son. He re-evaluated Liam and worked with my son 3 days a week to rebuild his strength and range of motion. He worked with Liam to correct his poor walking habits and improved his strength in the muscles and tendons affected by the surgery. This was more than a parent could ever expect from a trainer. His personal attention to my sons rehabilitation is one of the reasons my son has returned to his full active athletic ability. Best trainer out there, knows his business inside and out!”

– Bernice O’Toole – Parent

6”In 2013, my son did not make the top level soccer team at his soccer club because he was big and slow. We started with Tony and staff in the summer of 2013 and have been there since. My son has improved his overall strength, speed, and quickness and was a 2 year starter for his middle school team and has been a starter and full game player on the Premier Level team for his age group at the club level. The confidence and physical gains he has made at Speed Pursuit and Strength have made him physically dominating and technical force on the soccer field. Thank you Tony and staff.”

– Bernie Panaro – Parent

7”I have had the privilege of being able to train with Mr. Incollingo since my years as a middle schooler. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Inc has been instrumental to my development as a person and as an athlete. Mr. Inc is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field of expertise; not only has he trained my body to be in the best physical shape possible, but he has also helped build my mental toughness and work ethic, which has been crucial for success at high-level competition. Mr. Inc. takes the time to learn individual weaknesses, and subsequently pushes you to tackle them every time you enter his gym regardless of your age, gender, or athletic ability. His devotion to helping myself and others reach their full potential is admirable and without him I wouldn’t be a National Prep champion.”

– David Showunmi, NCAA Division I Wrestling – Stanford University

8Speed Pursuit allowed me to elevate my game to the next level. With facilities second to none, it was easy for me to complete all of my workouts. I was able to increase my max squat by 45 pounds and max bench by 35 pound the summer going into my freshman year of college. Along with the improvements in strength, I was also able to shave my 40 yard dash time by .2 seconds. With an energetic coaching staff dedicated to making sure you push your limits, Speed Pursuit made sure that I was ahead of the curve when I stepped on the field for my first Division 1 lacrosse practice.

– Grant Toller – NCAA Division I – Lacrosse – New Jersey Institute Technology – Bucks County Courier Times Golden Team