Cheer Strength

Speed Pursuit “Cheer Strength” was developed because we realize that cheerleading is in fact 100% a sport. Today’s cheerleaders run, tumble, jump, stunt and dance. They need strong foundational strength to compete at high levels and remain injury free.

• Strength
• Flexibility
• Balance
• Change of Direction
• Plyometrics
• Core
• Mental Toughness
• Agility
• Quickness

As the premier Fitness Coaching and Sports Performance Training facility in Lower Bucks Pennsylvania, our clients are our biggest priority. By improving your speed, power, strength and lean mass safely you will be able to reach your goals and dominate your opponents. We guarantee results and are committed to improving the health and fitness of everyone who trains with us. The Speed Pursuit facility has what you need to get brutally strong, lightning fast and mentally tough!