Training Athletes only are permitted in the training and turf area unless permission is granted by the staff. There is waiting room provided for those that are not training.

1. All personal items are to be left at home or in the storage cubicles provided. This includes electronic devices, clothing and money. Speed Pursuit or staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen items!

2. No food or gum is permitted in the training area. No exceptions!

3. No bottles permitted near or on the turf!

4. All athletes and parents must use the main entrance when arriving and departing the building. Back entrance is for employees only.

5. All athletes must sign in for every class attended.

6. Athletes must bring a sweat towel for their workouts. Speed Pursuit sweat towels are available in the Pro Shop which is located in the waiting area.

7. All equipment must be put back and weights re-racked after usage.

8. All equipment must be cleaned and wiped down before leaving.

9. All nonparticipating children must be supervised by parents in the facility at all times.

10. Please keep restroom area neat and clean.

11. Rules must be followed or individuals will be removed from the program.