Fit Kids

Speed Pursuit Fit Kids provides athletic development and fun programs for youth ages 9 to 14. Why? Let’s look at the facts:
More than half of the American children are not active enough for optimal growth and development.
Youth obesity is on the rise at an astounding rate.

Physical Education and sports programs are being drastically cut or reduced from our schools.
There is a rapid decline in the health and physical culture of our youth.

Young athletes are being injured as they are pushed to perform at levels for which they are not ready, emotionally or physically.

We want to change all that. How? By conducting development programs for children consisting of various activities, exercises and games. Focusing on three fundamentals of athleticism, movement, balance and strength.

This program is designed to create a relaxed and playful atmosphere where the emphasis is on fun. Children obtain a solid foundation in fundamental athletic skills and learn the value of cooperation, sportsmanship, and respect. Children increase their confidence, self-esteem and develop a positive attitude towards lifelong fitness, athletics and sports.


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