The Combine tests multiple skills and success on the field takes speed, power, strength, agility and much more. The Speed Pursuit Combine System educates athletes and prepares them for testing in the combine events. Each athlete will be shown how to maximize their genetic potential and excel. Our athletes will learn the techniques and master the drills in order to show improvement and strengthen weaknesses.
The Speed Pursuit Combine class will educate athletes and help them excel in the following events:

40-Yard Dash – start, first step, acceleration, transition, finish, arm action and head position.
Broad / Vertical Jumps – How to maximize explosive power potential vertically and horizontally.
Pro-Agility / 5-10-5 – Learn techniques and skills to improve quickness and change of direction agility.
3 Cone drill – Linear start position, short distance power and circular speed.
Bench Press – Learn techniques to improve raw strength endurance.


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